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By Uglybob
point form as usual<P>. anyone see Star for a Night last week with those fella doing accapella with like a human beatbox<P>. Why did Vera recieve a mbe or whatever<P>. why was Glamma Kid sacked from his label<P>. If Kylie wasnt a singer, i think shed be a ***** <P>. can we do some of them 3 mingers sightings please( rules=personality+doing something+where)<P>. has Chris got a girlfriend yet<P>. Why is Dave Pearce still on radio 1<P>. BBC talent yeah right<P>. the Melinda thing is good but it looks strangely set up<P>. Please no more saturday shows
By the_esoteric_mynciboy
jane macdonald annoys me, and that program was poor. the human beatbox people made me laugh though, especially when i remembered the earlier show they were in wher nigel martin smith said that they were going to be the next big thing in british music. hehe.<P>there was quite a funny 3am surveillence thing this week. something like "bill oddie buying a steps cd in waterloo".
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By Uglybob
that kylie one was hore with a w on the front of it
. No<P>. God knows<P>. No idea he did walk right past me on the way back from the roadshow in Blackpool and he was on our train. And strangly while on the train a Glamma Kid CD actually fell on my head...(cue bad Harry Hill impression) What are the chances of that!?!? <br>No connection to the question really.<P>. Well i dont know wot u r saying so cant really answer.<P>.OK Gina G stamp collecting in Macclesfield<P>. No idea<P>. Slept with someone important probably.<P>. dunno<P>. I had the same thought myself<P>. It releives y boredom (sort of) on a saturday morning<p>[This message has been edited by DJ (edited 28 October 2000).]
By the_esoteric_mynciboy
the only thing i know about glamma kid getting dropped was that warner (his former label), are dropping people left right and centre (shoala ama was the only one i can remember off the top of my head).
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