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My bet (I've said this before) is Evans leaving breakfast and Sarah Cox getting the gig full time.

Do you think Mills would then get the work Coxy has been doing (sound of the ???s on a Friday and cover work for other shows)
I personally think he will do what Coxy did and cover shows on both R1 and 2 for a while before fully moving over
fish heads wrote:On Scott being too young for Radio 2 - he is older than Coxy!

Indeed Scott, Coxy and Moyles are all born in 74 all same age
At the time Moyles went Scott said there would be no point replacing CM with him because he is like for like

Also whilst we are on this
Do we think it was part of the "removing Moyles" strategy by Ben Cooper to also remove Scott from drive time ?
I noted on the show either yesterday or the day before (I forget which) that Chris had a bit of a dig at Greg James for playing that Portugal The Man record. Is this what we do now, slag off other DJs who are playing the same songs? Seems unnecessarily petty. Unless Greg has said something first - but I doubt it, I've only ever heard him refer to Chris in a positive light.
fish heads wrote:Was Jon Holmes ever mates with Chris? Always thought it was a grudge in the mould of Phill Jupitus who had maybe met Chris once or twice?

Yep you’re probably right on that - was just lumping him in with the rest. The others all worked with him at Radio 1 and were previously friendly (at least as far as we knew of)

Jon Holmes made a few barbed comments about Moyles replacing him, and there was that incident retold on his TalkRadio show about Moyles refusing to talk to Holmes’ producer or something.
I listened to what I think was Scott's first show on R2 on bank holiday Mon, a 3hr remix special. It was good, he definitely has a different voice for R2! No doubt this is the start of prepping for his move over, but I dunno if there's any concrete plans for that yet.
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