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TCMS Unedited Tuesday 13th September, 2017


Sorry for the delay. I was out all day and Google Drive imploded (there was an outage in Goog Drive AIUI). There was a dropout at about 50 minutes, but it was during the ads, so nothing was lost. I've ripped the Global Listen Again version as well in case we need it. I'll out that on our shared folder, Ian.
I've just received this message from someone, does anyone have time to do this for me by any chance as my laptop is painfully slow? If not, then I'll try do it at the weekend:

Sorry to trouble you. But i've started to download the old Radio 1 breakfast shows from the main page in the last few days, and there's a few from 2006 which you edited, which no longer work. So I was kinda hoping you still had them & could re-upload them.

The shows that don't work are: 27th Jan, 1st Feb, 8th & 9th Feb, 14th Feb, 28th-30th June & 3rd July.

Neil, it looks like today's show is in three parts, and that it dropped out during a link. Do you want me to download and edit the GLAR file instead (and how do you download it?)?

Also I can't download the podcast at the moment, don't know if anyone else can or not...
neilt0 wrote:TCMS Unedited Friday 15th September, 2017


Ian, because my recording of Friday's show was broken, I used the Global Listen Again version, but uploaded this at work, so couldn't listen. Listening now, it's pretty horrible quality, so I've uploaded my recorded version (in parts) to our shared folder. Even if you don't want to re-edit, we'll have a better quality version for archival purposes.

Here are those parts on for anyone else who wants 'em:
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