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neilt0 wrote:This is the edited show. Ian had problems uploading. It should be up on the feed at some point soon:

Monday's show hasn't appeared in the feed yet. I've got through my backlog now. Hoping this week's shows will magically appear soon! :wink:
I just transferred an old cassette of the Chris Moyles Afternoon Show from 2000-12-22. This is slightly incomplete, and is probably missing 20-25 minutes of the show.

This is not in the 'Show Downloads' section of the website, so this audio may not have been heard in a long time.

Highlights include:
  • Chat with Mark Radcliffe, where he talks about the Shirehorses and smashing a pint of Guinness against a wall
  • The gang singing Let Them Know It's Christmas along to a karaoke track
  • Christmas Arse Crackers
  • Stanta

I plan to raid my parents' loft for more cassette tapes sometime soon, so if I find any more Moylesy recordings I will post them here!

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