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By Randomisation20
Apologies for the geekyness of this

Audio Imaging!

I have a personal love for the 2005 Jazz package my favourite so far In the listening in order mission I Am engaging in ! And very well conceived

However the 2010 movie feel package is beginning to warm on me lol

God there are more Important things !
By Misfit
I recently spoke for 10 minutes about all the different Moyles jingles in a job interview for a radio imaging company.

They seemed interested at the time.

Didn't get the job.
By Harry Briggs
The jingles Chris has used since his radio one breakfast days have just been brilliant. Wish they made more for him at Radio X. They only have the main music, don't think the jingle company have done any more for TCMS since....

This is the edited show. Ian had problems uploadin[…]

Moyles Jingles Package

The jingles Chris has used since his radio one bre[…]

She seems lovely. I really hope it's true. :)