The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
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By Chris
I'm aware that a (very) small number of people use the chatroom, however I wanted to give you some notice that I intend to remove it at some point.

It's not terribly scalable as it's really hard on the server, and it's used by so few people that it's not worth the investment of time to continue to maintain it.

There are many options available to meet and chat live these days, and I'd suggest they were more stable and better featured.

If it's going to cause anyone significant grief, let me know.

(But mostly, it breaks when I upgrade the forum to phpBB 3.1.x and it's not worth fixing)
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By James H
I know Topher, Zoot and I use it more than most but it was pretty active today, with about 10 people in there at one point. Would be nice if there was some way to keep it alive.

Maybe a Web IRC client using Freenode or something?
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By Zoot
Nooooo! Is there any other system we could switch over to? Even if we make a 'contribution'?
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By Snorlax
Someone could set up an IRC on some freenode server or something, I forget how it works...

Edit: Looked into it and made a (temporary?) IRC channel on #chrismoylesnet in case needed or until someone has something better, or whatever.

Edit2: Didn't even notice James H mentioned this oops!

Edit3: WebIRC link for anyone who wants it -
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By foot-loose
I will hardly ever get the chance to use it because of work but it's nice / nostalgic to use from time to time. I'd like it to stay in some for but appreciate that it will come down to what's practical for you Chris.
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By DevilsDuck
whats that on your nose Foots...its all brown

By Tunster
The chatroom is special but understand the tech is a little out-dated. Only reason it works well is the link to phpBB (no need for a separate login). Are there no other alternatives to integrate with phpBB?
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By DevilsDuck
I think we just need some blue sky thinking
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By foot-loose
DevilsDuck wrote:whats that on your nose Foots...its all brown


Pretty sure it came from yer maw, whatever it is.
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By DevilsDuck
Been brown nosing her as well as Chris? You disgust me
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By DevilsDuck
Good old console!
By JayE
Chris wrote:Not many of you (,but some) will be pleased to hear that the Chatroom can stay.

The what?
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By MadTheEddos
I just checked it out a few minutes ago; Nobody was logged in so I made a mature and profound four-letter comment and then left.

I like it. I remember one time I had a chat with Badger in which C90 cassette tapes got mentioned.
Ah, memories.

If it stays, then cool. It's a nice way for us to get to know each other better and to sort out any differences in a more private place than the forum itself.
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By foot-loose
I've been present during many high strung debates in that chat room, back in the day, and pretty sure I've never seen any differences being worked out. Just made the argument happen faster.

Good entertainment though...
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By MadTheEddos
Yeah, I can imagine the potential for popcorn moments, right enough.
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By Yudster
Its a handy boredom cure during the mundane working day. Thanks Chris and Console.

Speaking of Console, anyone heard from Viv?
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By Topher
Cheers folks.
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By Yudster
Boboff wrote:Viv! Lol.....

Happy days...

BOBOFF!! I love you.
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