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By Topher
Cool, well done - what doing and where? (Also why so many new jobs?!)
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By dimtimjim
Topher wrote:Cool, well done - what doing and where? (Also why so many new jobs?!)

Same sorta stuff (Architectural drafting) but in new location (Market Harborough).

Why? Due to my massive change in life (not publicised on here - Cat [and Chrys/Yuds] know the basics from exchanged PM's) a few months back, this job is nearer to my new home; save some £'s on fuel.
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By Yudster
All good stuff Timmy-Wimmy. Glad its all going well!
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By Topher
Testing tweet:

Cool! Anyway, this is my new best thing ever:
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By dimtimjim
Went to see Jon Richardson last night with 'er indoors, was very good show, very funny.
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By charla
I got tickets to see Dara O Brien next year, the day after my birthday which I'm already looking forward to.
bmstinton93 wrote:Finally reached my first grad scheme assessment centre! Any tips?

Late night, beer induced Internet browsing congratulations sir.
I think. I'm guessing this is a good thing.
As for tips. Never congratulate a bigger woman on their forthcoming expectant child.
They lose their * shit on that.
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By Yudster
I can't remember who said it but the best advice on such matters is that you never ask a woman how her pregnancy is going unless you can actually see a baby coming out of her.
flyingbadger wrote:As for tips. Never congratulate a bigger woman on their forthcoming expectant child.
They lose their * shit on that.

Excellent advice. Especially relevant where I come from!
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By jocky85
Well, this loaded at page 617 for the last time I opened this thread & it's now page 670 so I'm a little behind!

Anyway, what's making me happy? Screw you Radio 1 & your target audience - I'm going to Big Weekend!
By Misfit
I finished last friday mate! Congrats! Bet you're as glad as I am it's all done and dusted! Hopefully get some work experience at some radio stations soon!
Yeah, its great, although I actually don't know what to do with myself right now. I'm struggling to get hours at Sainsburys and can't go getting a new job before August, and have no money to do anything! No more Uni is amazing though!
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By Topher
Ha - looks like Mr Moyles' brother shares my views on the Labour party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn - just seen this comment on one of the campaign statuses after he got on to the ballot (checked, the photo is unmistakably Chris' brother):

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By Topher
It's not loading at the moment?
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By Topher
Oh, did you check the date on it? There was an ITV article doing the rounds from 2014 that I believe was for the Comic Relief special they did with David Beckham. It's not coming back - and nor should it, there are too many people not around now, not least John Sullivan and Roger Lloyd-Pack in addition to Buster Merryfield and Kenneth MacDonald who were already gone when it came back last time.
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