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I remember how disappointed I was when CPC was dropped at the end of the Breakfast Show's second year and now I wish it had never returned because Moyles made it a total farce by often deliberately playing the time out siren when the scores didn't suit him and sometimes having the same two contestants for the best part of a month. It became a total parody of how it was the first time and although I miss Moyles on Radio 1 sometimes, I'm glad CPC is away for good.
I wouldn't go so far as to say it should have never returned but I do agree that towards the end of the show, it became a nuisance more than anything since I pretty much complained about it on here at the time that having the same two contestants for ages is not enjoyable radio. I think (could be wrong here) that there was a guy in the last few months of the feature that was on for like seven weeks and won like one match or something since the other callers got dropped because they couldn't make it and then got replaced etc due to Chris doing the tired 'ran out of time' shtick.

CPC was at its best those first two years since I started going through the old shows back in 2011 (due to the current show not being all that great) and man it was a lot better than what it became.

Also I wish Buzz Off stayed on for more than a year because I felt nothing really was good in that time slot until probably What/Where/Who Am I? (although Sting ring had its moments).
I never heard CPC live cos I started work at 9.30am, so it was neither here nor there to me. BUT they should never have brought Where Am I? back the second time. I used to love it, but the second stint was the very definition of a tired old feature that none of the team really cared about.
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