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By JayE
Good article, as much as I think Grimmy's breakfast show is rubbish the other DJ's at radio 1 certainly don't deserve the flack they get just for saying positive things about him.
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By Yudster
I think she is right. Nick isn't my listen, but then I'm not his intended audience - that being said, I do think he comes across as quite sweet at times.
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By Wykey
"I think he has silenced the critics. He's kind of hard to dislike. He's funny and he's charming and he's self-depreciating. And he's cool and he's got cool friends. He's got a life that people aspire to and can relate to at the same time."

He clearly hasn't silenced the critics, given she's talking about people being critical and I personally find him neither likeable nor funny.

As for him having a life that people aspire to, if people aspire to smarm and superficiality, then that just makes me die a little.
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By Yudster
He is definitely superficial (on the radio at least) but I don't find him smarmy. I used the term "self deprecating" about him a couple of weeks ago, his style is quite disarming.
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By Wykey
I think the thing I find smarmy is his forced chumminess and over-familiarity (or what seems like over-familiarity) with other voices on the air.

The best explanation I can give is he comes across like someone I knew who hung around in our 'social group' and was often found holding hands with / trying to latch on to / speaking on behalf of / cornering girls in over-familiar almost creepy way.

But that's admittedly from brief glimpses.
By JayE
I don't have anything against Grimmy really. I liked him when he was on Celebrity Juice the other week and I thought he was quite funny, and he came across well, it's just his breakfast show, it's absolute rubbish.
I haven't listened to Radio 1 since Moyles left

I used to listen all day but very slowly they got rid of all the presenters I enjoyed and he was the last one.
Not sure where to put a comment about Nick Grimshaw's TV show

At 24:50 into the show, Rochelle shows off a design she shaved on a man's chest.
Nick Grimshaw asks about the design saying, "Is it a dick?" Rochelle replies, "It's supposed to be you"
I notice that Chris just described the Nickstape as sounding like "the audio equivalent of an asthma attack.". Harsh.
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By Yudster
This, and the timing of his "good morning" tweets this week, would indicate that he is not in fact in Los Angeles. Maybe it was a holiday.
By JayE
Nicola_Red wrote:I notice that Chris just described the Nickstape as sounding like "the audio equivalent of an asthma attack.". Harsh.

Haha. Couldn't be closer to the truth.
By Tunster
To me, Radio 1 is a confused pile of muck because the breakfast show is not the beacon for the station as it should be. The presenters around it do not reflect the station in a very good light either. Features are being drafted in at last minute by "lego-head" Fincham, the "zoo-format" has crept back in although Radio 1 said it wouldn't go down that route ever again and the music policy for the show is dreadful.

I do kind of feel sorry for Grimshaw that he's been put in this position and ended up being the station "rag-doll". He's not R1s best or worst presenter. If he decided to take the bull by the horns, something great could of come out of being the breakfast show host now. But it seems R1 upper-management have the say on what goes rather than the production team surrounding the show. The show is just a bit flat and lacking any sparkle. With Nick even joking (very poorly at best) that today might be their last show and being sacked. It just shows he nor the team doesn't care.
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By Yudster
I feel a bit sorry for him too. I think he is a more than adequate radio presenter, and if he weren't following a genius his show would probably be regarded in a far better light.
By JayE
I don't care either way. His show isn't great but its not as bad now as I thought it was when he first started. He was much better on night times and more enjoyable to listen to. Chris was brilliant and he is a tough act to follow, but I don't think Grimmy is doing a terrible job at the moment. Let him stay till he's been on the breakfast show for a year and have done with it.
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By Topher
I don't feel particularly sorry for him - yes he had a huge act to follow, but I think his show is mediocre by any standards. I don't think he's doing a very good job replacing Chris (difficult as that would have been for anyone) and I don't think he did a very good job of replacing Colin Murray.
Oh, just remembered that today's contestant on Showquizness gave several 'Toby LeRone' names in answer to a question, so she was obviously a former Moyles listener. I hear Moyles show references pretty often on Grimmy's show and think "oh I'll post that on the forum later", but then I just forget.
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