The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
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By The Deadly
lauraperkins wrote:Hello. My name is Laura and i'm interested in sports and history. I work in one Online sex shop and I want to find friends. My business website is [zap]

So you like stuff and things? Wanna go to Make Out Creek?
By Scottbartonexp
I have already posted, but my name is scott, i am a local community radio presenter. Enjoy a laugh, banter and my shoe size is 12. Look forward to being around these parts
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By Boboff
Chris says hi, and thanks.

The good news is that he's got shit loads of money stashed away and will be drinking Larger with Lime till he gets fallin' over drunk for the next good few years.
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By flyingbadger
pinkysibbs wrote:Hey everyone,back after a few years away,hope you're all well :)

*aways and has a nosy at pinkysibbs' user information*


Nearly 4 years away from this place.

What the hell brought you back to it?
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By flyingbadger
I had actually typed in that original post - "Nearly 4 years away from this place eh? But seeing as you've got Deadly sniffing about you like a hound who's come across some unfamiliar anal glands, you'll probably not be around for long."

But thought that might've been a teeny tiny bit too much as an introduction.
By pinkysibbs
Haha that message did make me giggle!I came back on here as I saw Chris M on This Morning and it made me wonder how you all are as I used to be pretty chatty with some of you :)
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By flyingbadger
pinkysibbs wrote:Haha that message did make me giggle! I came back on here as I saw Chris M on This Morning and it made me wonder how you all are as I used to be pretty chatty with some of you :)

back in the olden days pinkysibbs wrote:What gives you the right to say who is interesting or not,I was asking a valid question.Just because you didnt know the answer there is no need to be rude!

MK Chris aka Topher wrote:Firstly, what makes you think we'd know? I assume you are capable of research.

Secondly, I can decide who I think is interesting and can voice that opinion. Don't be so precious, it's just a bit of banter, something we need more of round here at the moment.


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