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By Aled
Hey everyone

Two questions I need some help on .


Please reply with the 10 people outside of the team that you think have been most influential in the timeline of The Chris Moyles Show.

Maybe guests, maybe people shaping the show or people who have been involved in the biggest key moments of the show.
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By The Deadly
1: The listeners (No listeners then you have no show)

2: Andy Parfitt (Always came across like a big supporter of the show behind the scenes)

3: Gary Barlow (Numerous appearences on the show, huge supporter)

4: Will Kinder (Does a lot, if not all the red button coverage for the show)

5: Roy Walker

6: Longman

7: Rob DJ

8: Will Smith (Possibly the biggest and best guest)

9: The Daily Mail (for giving Chris material to rant about)

10: The Olympic torch people (For allowing Chris to carry the torch)
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By chrysostom
In no particular order...

Jo Wiley/Fearne (the handover)
Andi Peters
Captain Underpants
Carrie's cousin
Roy Walker
People who offer free stuff and bother Chris first thing in the morning
Louis Walsh.
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By StarryEyed
Again, in no order.

1. Andi Peters
2. Longman
3. Captain Barlow
4. The jingle singers/instrument players - the jingles and beds are such a massive part of the show and they do an amazing job
5. Davina - I love how she is actually a massive fan as well as a brilliant guest
6. Roy Walker
7. Justin Lee Collins
8. Nana Windows (bless her)
9. Jimmy Carr
10. McFly (It's McFlyyy dayyyyyy)
No guests on the show have significantly affected it in my opinion, so a few of the people on my list have only affected the show indirectly. The real influences of course are team members, past and present.

Andy Parfit- for the freedom he gave the show.

Ben Cooper- Seemingly for stifling the show and ending it.

Nicole- Dave seems to have mellowed in recent years. Due in part to Nicole?

Roy Walker

Rob DJ


Chris' mum and dad have provided plenty of material.

Emile- same as above.

Andi Peters

The team behind the Jingles

EDITED: Removed Jayne and added the jingles team after being reminded of them by other replies.
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By jocky85
Travis Bickle wrote:No guests on the show have significantly affected it in my opinion, so a few of the people on my list have only affected the show indirectly. The real influences of course are team members, past and present.

Andy Parfit- for the freedom he gave the show.

Ben Cooper- Seemingly for stifling the show and ending it.

Nicole- Dave seems to have mellowed in recent years. Due in part to Nicole?

Roy Walker

Rob DJ


Chris' mum and dad have provided plenty of material.

Emile- same as above.

Andi Peters


Not Dom's wife?
jocky85 wrote:Not Dom's wife?

I wasnt just listing partners for no reason though. I dont think Dom's wife has been mentioned as much as other members families. Or not in as such an entertaining way, anyway. I've always found the insinuation that Dom is under the thumb funny though :lol:
In no particular order:

Andy Parfitt

Ben Cooper

Rod McKenzie - for playing ball and letting Dom and Jules/Carrie/Tina be a part of the show rather than just doing the news and sport

Gary Barlow - for persuading Chris to go up that mountain

Scott Mills - for making us all appreciate Chris and the team more after each holiday

Sandy and Richard - for the fabulous jingles

Blue Peter - for the scandal that led to the competition ban that made Rob DJ's quiz a lot better

Tony Blackburn/Noel Edmonds/DLT/Simon Mayo - all of the old school Radio 1 Breakfast DJs who have influenced Chris

The various bits of the BBC that have screwed things up and given Chris an opportunity for a rant

The BBC Trust for its ridiculous idea that the BBC shouldn't provide a radio service that appeals to people between 30 and 50 which seems to have led to the demise of the show
By hdsport82
In no particular order

Andy Parfitt
Ben Cooper
Sandy Beech/Richard Oliver/Steve Sidwell (joint for their contribution to the jingles)
Rob DJ
Roy Walker
Vivienne Clore
Chris' mum and dad
By Fathomer
1. The listeners- for being part of the show and making it what it is. You kind of saw it today in getting "Dominic the Donkey" trending. They are incredible.

2. Andy Parfitt- for giving Chris a chance to transform Breakfast radio and supporting you guys even when the press and politics meant it quite hard.

3. Longman- He was a big part of it 2004-6 to the extent that I went to Longmans shop in Leeds.

4. Nana Windows

5. Rob DJ

6. The jingle singers

7. Davina and Holly- agree with others that she was always a fantastic job. She also gave us Holly!

8. Barclay the Sea Lion- was gutted when Barclay died.

9. Roy Walker- does he count as part of the show team?

10. Jo Whiley and Fearne Cotton- for the handovers.
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By St@rk
Andi Peters
Andy Parfitt
Gary Barlow
The jingle singers
Roy Walker
Rob DJ
Jimmy Carr
Will Kinder
Olly Murs

11 again ;)
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By The Deadly
Aled wrote:Out of interest - how Emile?

I find it funny that you can talk about him on air without him knowing. Also the story you told about driving round London whilst listening to the Tron soundtrack to pass the time when picking him up was funny.
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By RyanBru
In no particular order...

Families/Partners/Friends in general (Nicole, Emile, Dom's family, etc) - Always a source of material for everyone

The BBC - Always giving material again... Personally, I thought the people who are responsible for paying Moyles gave one of the best opening links I've heard

The listeners - Where would the show be without us? haha

Westwood - Bring back Where am I? for the last show?

James Corden - Always good to listen when Corden was on. Should have had him as a member of the team I think.

Richard the Jingle Singer, and the rest of the jingle team - Producing jingles which sound better than the music Radio 1 plays

Gary Barlow - Being there to give Chris and Dave the World Record certificate

Fake Adele

Daily Mail and The Sun - Writing outrageous stories about Chris, having never listened to the show before.

Fearne - Handovers, again a great part of the show. Most parts of the show are great though...

Quite hard to get it down to 10, I think the whole world has provided some sort of good influence to the show.

Oh, and to a lesser extent Matt Fincham.
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By nade
Started this quite easily but started to find it difficult to pick out people as I think there's been so many over the time, especially so if you include the old afternoon, Saturday and any other previous Chris Moyles shows.

1. I'd say Davina as a long standing guest and supporter but also Holly just because of the morning jingle.
2. In a way I'd nominate Tim Westwood. Obviously the source of the "Clumsy Westwood" which Chris used to do all the time but more importantly just because of "Where's Westwood" which was amazing in so many different ways and used to make me look like a right idiot walking to work.
3. Olly Murs over the more recent few years for a few reasons. Dom's "crush"(?) on him his standing in for Dave and for his support during the marathon show.
4. Andy Parfitt. As others have said he's obviously been so very supportive of Chris, yourself, Rachel, past Producers and AP's and with the show during it's time. There's been a few things pop up here and there but I get the impression he's always supported Chris.
5. Roy Walker.... miss all his friends like Ivor Biggin and wotnot, and obviously for Carpark Catchphrase and more recently Roy Walker time.
6. Rob DJ - Love the Fan, Dabidozy. Pork, Bangers, etc :D
7. Richard Oliver and the jingle singers for the cheesy song, the jingles, the long intro song (Jan 2004) and whatever is coming up on the last 2 weeks.
8. Jimmy Carr for his repeated visits and we all love your relationship with him and the "jokes" :D
9. Will (Grayhead) Kinder because of all the work he's done over the years.
10. Paul Turner for so many random adverts over so many years. I miss them!
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By Yudster
I agree Emile should be on the list - I love the way he is painted as being this monstrous control freak that never wants to spend any time with you and is always having a go at you for absolutely nothing, yet you track him via satellite! Honestly, they could make a sitcom out of you two.
So -

Sandy Beech
Parf Daddy
Captain Underpants
VIP Vera and Chris Senior
The Daily Mail
Weird Al Yankovic (I don't believe there would have been any parodies without him)
Howard Stern
Steve Wright - the first proper "zoo format" show on R1, he proved it can work
Will Smith. Well he influenced the way Chris smells at least.
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By jamiec21
Smashie and Nicey should be in there. All kind of references to The End of an Era over years - surely the most referenced show over the years.

Just looking at the list, you can make a good 10 out of all that.

Paul Turner
Rob DJ
Howard Stern/Weird Al - never 'appeared' as such, but their collective influences on the show as a whole is undisputed
Sandy Beech/Jingle team

I've got to say, picking 10 names is incredibly hard. I'd be inclined to put all the teams partners as one, for the collective material they've given via the team.

As an aside, I'd say Longman is as influential as * Darius. Never did get the big love-in about him.
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By jocky85
I'd like to throw in Ant Danbury (the man with the voice of a cartoon child) for all his work on the podcasts. I don't know if it was him that changed the format also but it's better now compared to the previous 'this is a BBC radio 1 podcast'
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By yummytummy
In no particular order

1. Captain Barlow
2. Rob Dj
3. Roy walker
4. Sandy beech and jingle singers
5. Andy parfitt
6. Ben cooper
7. Andi peters
8. Chris mum and dad
9. Daily Mail
10. Olly murs
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