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By wurzel
Topher wrote:I never understood the deal with Marmite. I like it, but I don't love it. The adverts are wrong.

Same here. I'll happily have it on toast if its there and i have toast, but if its not, then im not too fussed
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By Yudster
Champagne * please.
By wurzel
Ooh arent you posh today Yuddy. Blackthorn please...
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By Yudster
Clearly not. Glad you could make it, what you having?
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By MK Chris
Trigger wrote:I got lost on me way here.

How could you get lost? You've been coming to this pub since you were 16!
By wurzel
Yudster wrote:Clearly not. Glad you could make it, what you having?

Non-alcoholic lager for Trigger
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By Vivienne
** laces Wurzel's drink with arsenic **
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By geek
Can I have a malibu and coke please barman?
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By Zoot
I'll have a big bottle of Red please barman.

Oh wait....
By Ezza
Double Malibu and Coke please. :)
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By geek
Double malibu and coke please
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By foot-loose
S4B wrote:Stoli shots all round please!

Why do they have to be round? Would they not taste the same no matter what shape they were?

You shapist.
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By S4B
Nope! Not an easy anything. Will be drunk tomorrow though!
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Alcohol. In my mouth. NOW!

By wurzel
Was absolutely sozzled last night. And surprisingly not feeling it today :).

Blackthorn and Double Vodka & Red Bull please barman...

Oh, and one celebratory drink for Lottie aswell...
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By charla
A Lemsip please, I need the paracetamol.
By wurzel
Heavy night celebrating last night was it?
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