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I will weigh in on Monday but I suspect I have ground to a halt already, despite only having had one "bad" day. I need to get some exercise too in order to keep the metabolism ticking. I do walk a fair bit every day but I do it in a fairly tired and feeble way which probably doesn't help me a lot.
About the same as last week. I have some degree of digestive problems at the moment, I'm not sure why and that may have been a factor, don't know. However - 9lb over 2 weeks is still bloody good so I am hanging on to that.
Yudster wrote:9lb over 2 weeks is still bloody good so I am hanging on to that.

Indeedy it is, it's a right result I'd say!

Net loss of three lbs over the week, now 12 stone 4. Very happy with that, all things considered... moved on to level three of the workout DVD last night and then again this morning (I try to do it in the mornings but wasn't possible yesterday), it's * hard. Travelling push ups? TRAVELLING push ups? * right off. Still, it's worth it afterwards.
I've lost weight in the last week... Not based on weighing myself but purely hinged on my jeans being less tight this weekend. Snacked less, drank less beer. Went for 2 walks (only approx 3 miles all in tho).

Travelling push-ups sound horrible. Topher sounds pert.
This DVD is the bollocks though really (apart from the stupid American woman doing it who seems to think I should recognise her), when I started doing it I was incredibly unfit, whereas now I actually feel pretty fit and I've only been doing it a month or so. But then I suppose that's why it's called the 30 Day Shred.
I've located said DVD.... I shall maybe invest.

NOTE: this product has been sourced via internet shopping - from a 'local high street' seller. Other wight loss DVD's are available.
You do look like a bit of a twat when you're doing some of it - and it's clearly aimed at women (couple of references to 'bathing suit shopping', etc) - but it's a proper workout and it only takes half an hour per day including warm up and cool down.
Topher wrote:You do look like a bit of a twat

this, I am more then used to.

Topher wrote:only takes half an hour per day including warm up and cool down

good shizz.
JeremyPoke wrote:By the way having a diet coke with your Mcdonald's does not count

it's good to see a reappearance from jokes used in 1992 stand up acts.

also, for what it's worth - if you DID have a large diet coke (3kcal) as opposed to a large coke (210kcal) with a large big mac (950kcal) meal it would be roughly 20% less calories. so it would count.

also, good usage of the 'vandross' burger.
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OK I'll be more constructive with all you fatties.

1) Eat small and often (every 2-3hrs) it makes your metabolism work hard and in turn you burn more calories.

2) NEVER binge eat. Your body can only take in so many food types at one time, the rest turns to fat.

3) EXERCISE!!!!!!!!

4) Eat lot's of complex carbs like nuts, fibers, fruit and veg. Mix your diet up. You have to trick it as it gets used to what you usual eat, like the cakes and burgers you currently eat 6 times a day.

5) Join the gym and turn that blubber into muscle. Muscel burns calories thus burning fat. The more you have the less fat you have, but to gain muscle you must eat a healthy and regular diet containing a mixture of cars and proteins.

6) It's not a diet it's a 'life style change' A balance of healthy eating and excercise. Even if it means using your mobility scooters less and actually walking somewhere.

7) DO NOT BLAME ANYONE OR ANYTHING. You are fat because of YOU only YOU can change it. The reason you are probably fat is because you have self pitty and no drive to change. But that can change if you want it to you chubby * you!


I will add more tips in good time,

Think about it though.................

1. If there were no fat people, it would be cheap to fly. It takes a lot of jet-fuel these days to haul all those enormous asses around.

2. Fat people cost employers MILLIONS per year. And fat people take more sick days and are less productive. You're less likely to get a pay rise if your employer is losing money on his fat employees. (Can't fire them though, that's "fatism.")

3. Fat people jack up everyone's insurance rates and are a burden on the NHS. Who do you think has to pay for those double-wide wheelchairs?

I could go on and on but basically you should change. IT'S NOT FAIR ON THE REST OF US. Think about the starving children in Africa when you take that second helping of double choc chip icecream with extra extra cream in it!

Chrys, Troll, don't feed..........

Anyway, apparently if you have ice in your diet coke it actually uses more calories to digest than contained in it, and knock off, what, 4 calories from the big mac. Every little helps, unless the little thing is your penis, like Beadle, poor chap, then the inner rage it causes in not being able to even masterbate effectively, means you post drivel about most things.
Disappointed with the return of the Poke. Used to find his offensive nature quite endearing but these posts have been the equivalent of my piss this morning. Tepid and slightly tainted.
I'm touched Travis, honestly. I'll take that as the online equivalent of a manly hug and a punch on the arm. Followed by a cheeky 'you're alright' wink.
I promise not to touch your generals as long as you pop by and play with my rambles from time to time.
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Weigh day! I have managed to lose 2lbs this week which means I've finally reached a stone loss in total. Not entirely sure how I've lost so much considering what I've eaten this week but still, very happy today.
Been away on a stressful weekend since Friday so I'm not holding out much hope for the weigh in tomorrow...
1lb down - never expected that!
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