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Believe it Yuds, a week on Vegetable Soup and Porridge 9lb is about right!

Welcome along Cat! We are all dieting at home, and Mummy B & Daughter B both did 3lb last week as well ( Daughter B diet is not really a diet just an effort to make her focus on what she eats a bit more as she doesn't really need to put anymore on, but try saying that to an 11 year old without giving her issues or making her cry!)

I find the competition really good, as it is a focus, but I know what you mean about people muscling in on "your" thing just so they can show you the're better at that as well.....
I agree Boboff, I think a little competition is good - for me anyway - but I do understand that it's not right for everyone and I genuinely wasn't trying to be competitive.
On Saturday's weigh in I lost 3lbs which I wasn't expecting. Need to make up for the weekend's decadence since though.
I think I'm a bit like Topher, although I don't see it as competitive so much as intensely focussed. If I have decided that's what I'm going to do, then I'll bloody do it and watch out anyone who tries to get in my way! And I do get very single minded about it. I'm hoping my Sunday's off - if I can manage to not get paranoid about them- will help me be a little more relaxed about it. Not relaxed as in not trying, but relaxed in that I CAN actually have a few truffles on a SUnday and still be on a diet on Monday.
I meant the chocolate kind. But a big pile of buttery scrambled egg with a bit of black truffle (not the chocolate kind) shaved on to the top would go down very nicely right now...

By the way - I am only having one portion of porridge once a day I promise - so is it normal that my wee smells oaty?! I suppose it could be worse, I could be on the Cabbage Soup Diet...
I've put on weight in the last few months i've been working down south. I know why... No more gym membership for starters (ruddy £90 p/m down 'ere) and I'm now 'eating out' 4 times a week - so thats worse food AND a pint with my meal. Naughty boy. Now pushing the 14 stone boundary....

I've got a v.high metabolism which helps keep my weight down to less than it 'should' be given my current diet/exercise situation. But i'm really looking forward to a change for the better once my contract down here is up. Plus, weekend exercise isn't overly appealing at this time of year, far too cold to be out on my pushbike at 0700. Although its valentines weekend this weekend (for me n missus DTJ anyway - kid free weekend) which should equate so a bit more vigorous activity. :)
Struggling a bit today. Battled through gluey porridge for breakfast and have just had a Minestrone Cup a Soup (91 calories :( ) and ryvitas for lunch, and I feel like my stomach is bursting. So bloated its not true!
Yeah I'm fecked for this week. Hoping I'll hit the weight target for this week set months ago though it does mean I've still gained overall.
Had a few bad days this week so I stayed the same this week (my overall total lost since 3rd Jan is 8lbs), as people at work said "at least you haven't gone up" and I did expect to put on a pound or two this week so it's not too bad but I need to be focused this week at lose 2lbs by next Thursday
boboff wrote:Keep it up.

POrridge a banana, Thai Green Chicken soup & yoghurt and fruit salad, plus squash and 60 minutes in the Gym Today......

Oh I'm trying but seeing that this keeps happening despite me not overeating and exercising its getting annoying. Going to change my points round next week and might start trying a bit more of a vegetarian diet as I feel it might be my dinners that are buggering up so might swap things around.
After not losing any weight this last week, I've decided I'm going to give up chocolate for lent. I don't observe lent in any religious or spiritual way but it's a convenient set time that others recognise rather than me doing my own little thing. This of course means I will have to replace the chocolate with proper food which will probably be the hardest bit. God help me.
Ok - They didn't have plain porridge in the shop this morning so I had to get a pot of the Golden Syrup one for 30 calories or so more. Its MUCH better.

Had a "bad" day yesterday but again I'm not going to let it derail me. I hope.
Little tip with Porridge as Well Yuds, sprinkle with Museli or gronola or special K, bit of plain Yoghurt as well on top, gives it a bit more interest and texture, as I said I like fresh fruit salad with mine, it is actually really nice them.

Lidl do a low fat soft cheese which is only 0.2% Fat, it's ok as well, just like thick Yoghurt I suppose, but mixed with some Chicken breast, a few spring onions and a twist of black pepper it's a really low fat filling for Jacket Potatoes.
See my theory is that some bloke in Scotland needed to stick two trees together for some reason and he found that if he put oats and salt in hot water it made a kind of glue that worked really well. But then being Scottish, he took it home and everyone thought it was food so they started eating it and Porridge was invented. Then the English got wind of it, tried it, found it was DISGUSTING, swapped the water for milk, took out the salt and added nice things, and made it palatable.
I am in bed with a bad knee and a sprained wrist. I went over on my knee playing squash, and went into the wall at 15 mph, my wrist can't stop 18st of idiot at that speed. Although it's my knee thats a worry, it hurts to bend or twist it allot, and is swollen on one side a bit, but not bruised. Now I don't know to rest it for a day or two and hope it mends, or spend hours in A&E waiting to be told to rest it for a couple of days... Hmmm
If your knee is still bad in a day or two go to your doctor and get an orthopaedic referral - you'll need an MRI. At A&E they will do an x-ray which would show if the bone was fractured, but won't show cartilige or ligament damage so there's no real point in doing it. Unless your A&E department has a handy MRI facility - mostly they don't.
Yudster wrote:If your knee is still bad in a day or two go to your doctor and get an orthopaedic referral - you'll need an MRI. At A&E they will do an x-ray which would show if the bone was fractured, but won't show cartilige or ligament damage so there's no real point in doing it. Unless your A&E department has a handy MRI facility - mostly they don't.

I had an MRI on my hip - waited ages for the referral, but it was an intriguing experience. Alas, it only showed the joint deterioration that they (and I) already suspected, but I quite enjoyed it in a funny sort of a way, apart from taking all my bloody piercings out.
A tip I was told was to use smaller plates so smaller portions.

I struggle with my weight as I am on meds that make me gain weight. Have osteoarthritis so exercise is limited to short walks and swimming. So feel I am fighting a losing battle.

I am 14 stone 4 oz and would love to lose at least 2 stone.

I have no hope of being a size 12 again after having 2 children and being of an older age to you 'young un'.

My nan was Polish and I am sure she pulled the horse cart rather than the horse 8O A big boned lady.

I do believe that as you get older your ancestors genes start to kick in :(
Its weigh in day and its unlikely I'll be able to post on Monday so, I've put on a pound this week which is actually not too bad considering I was at one point this week up two and a half pounds. Secondly I'm happy because I've just managed to be my target weight for this week despite putting it on as I'm only trying to lose 3/4 of a pound a week so last week's loss has helped counteract this week's gain. Just.

I've likely confused everyone but I know what I'm on about and overall I'm happy and feel motivated still which is the important thing.
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