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3lbs again, stunned to be honest... I don't understand weight loss.
Put on a 1/4lb this week which is annoying as it means I'm 10st8 exactly but still considering this week, I'll take that.
I ate more and did less which is why I am still exactly where I was 2 weeks ago. I am thrilled it isn't worse.
Well done Boboff! I put on a pound, which I am disappointed about...
It is an odd thing loosing weight.

Have you guys set yourself a goal? target weight? What about incentivising yourself with something when you get to it? I can't speak for others, but something like getting a new phone, or a night out, or a walk in the country or something that you would put off. For me another 21lb and I said I can buy an iPod, another 14lb and I'll look at getting lazer eye surgery. Although having said that the biggest motivation is not being a fat arse!

I don't know, it's all about long term motivation, a weeks a long time in politics, but it's longer when you are on a diet!
Can't afford to be buying things, but my motivation is the wedding! My target is tantalisingly close now - 1lb away last week, 2lbs away now though. Lost a stone and a half so far. Thing is, then I've got to maintain it and how the * do you do that?!
Well done Boboff!
I have a little post it note stuck inside my wardrobe door of the weight I want to be each week going down in 3/4lbs so as long as I'm at that weight or below for that week I can tick it off and I've managed to so far even when I've put on a little bit. It seems a really trivial thing to be motivating but its working and its nice to see how I've been progressing.
I'd love to be able to motivate myself like that Boboff, but however much weight I lose I still won't be able to afford laser eye surgery!
Indeed, I am lucky in being able to "save" for it. Appreciate that this isn't the case for all. Given I have been spending £70 a week on Alcohol for the last goodness knows how many years, and I have pretty much cut that out for 5 months, I am actually seing a tangible increase in whats left in the current account at the end of the month, oh and I put up Mrs Bob's Housekeeping as well! This week is stopping smoking week! Wednesday................(I haven't even priced up the surgery yet, I assumed from the Adverts its about £1,000 for both eyes?????)
I am really fat at the moment. I hate it but feel totally unmotivated to do anything about it. Its bollocks really.
I was doing really well on my new 'activities regime', right up to the point I injured my arm (elbow), not been able to do anything now for the last three weeks, which is poop.
Deadly wrote:Everyone's idea of 'fat' is different. I think I'm fat still but in reality I'm in great shape right now. If anything I'm underweight.

If you insist that you think you are fat whilst at the same time asserting that you may be underweight, that isn't an "idea of 'fat'", that's an eating disorder.
I've gone back up since being home. Need to get food sorted around work I think, it's way too easy to snack.
I'm quite chuffed to have lost a bit of weight recently, given that I've not being trying explicitly to do so. I reckon the fact I've drank a whole lot less in the past year has helped. No idea about exact figures, I just go by what my mummy says haha.
Yudster wrote:I am really fat at the moment.

I've lost count of the number of women I've heard say this, when they actually had great figures and didn't look fat at all. I've not seen a photo so I'll reserve judgement, but I'm willing to bet you're being hard on yourself.
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