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By Topher
That's one of the funniest ones you've ever written Deadly.

The very sad thing is that (from my point of view) he will have never discovered he was so wrong.
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By Topher
Fred Phelps doesn't deserve your grave dancing: let's forgive and forget his hate | Patrick Strudwick

^^^ Good article.
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By Badger Mark
Topher wrote:Fred Phelps doesn't deserve your grave dancing: let's forgive and forget his hate | Patrick Strudwick

^^^ Good article.

No need to dance on his grave IMO, but he is beyond forgiveness. He is dirt plain and simple.
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By dimtimjim

Leg. End.
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By Topher
Am I the only one who'd never heard of him until he died?
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By dimtimjim
Doubtful you're the only one. Also highly depends on your music tastes, which I believe is how he may have skirted your radar.
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By dimtimjim
You're 12. :D
By Misfit
The news broke in the time it took me to walk from work to home, thought my girlfriend was joking when she told me, as it hadn't come through on the news in the studios.
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By The Deadly
If she committed suicide or took an overdose then she deserves no sympathy or outpouring of emotion. There's not a more selfish act I can think of than leaving your family to pick up the pieces.
By swaddon1903
It's far too early to speculate on how she died.

Some on the news say that she never got over the death of her mother, others were saying how thin she'd been looking lately.
By bmstinton93
Yes it probably is too early to speculate but I'll do it anyway. I kinda do agree with Deadly on this one, especially as she should know better considering what happened with her Mum. It does not take away how sad it is though, considering she is leaving 2 children behind.

Judging by her last twitter post on Sunday afternoon as well, which was a picture of her and her Mum it certainly shows what was on her mind, and may certainly go some way to explaining it. I'm sure it will all come out though. Very sad news.
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By Nicola_Red
Those who can't find any sympathy for addicted or suicidal people should count themselves very lucky that they've never experienced that level of depression. It may seem unacceptable to leave such young babies behind, but if you're at the point where you're considering such courses of action, you're not in a rational frame of mind to start with. She was 25, have some heart.
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By chrysostom
I'm with Nic here. Deciding to take your own life isn't an easy decision, and although I'm not saying 'you can't comment on it unless you've been through it' - I am saying that perhaps your thoughts may be ignorant of the subject matter. edit - not to mention there's been nothing to suggest suicide other than the phrase 'sudden & unexplained', with no drugs found or note.

Anyway, with her being younger than me it's really resonated (despite not really knowing much about her or her movements) & has took a lot of my peer group by surprise - especially young mothers. Certainly is an oh no for everyone involved.
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By Topher
Deadly: I realise you said 'if', but:

  1. You are still speculating and we know precisely nothing other than the fact that she's dead.
  2. I feel I've said this on multiple occasions before, so I think I'll quote from the last time I said it:
MK Chris wrote:
rustybike wrote:I think suicide is a very cowardly thing to do anyways... it's escaping from things you need to sort out/get through. Plus it causes a lot of pain for others...

I don't think it's as simple as that. You don't know what people are going through.. people who are ready to commit suicide (and I mean the people who actually do it, who (I believe) are generally not the same people as the ones who talk about doing it) are at such a low ebb they think they don't matter to anyone. They believe that their demise will be of no consequence to anyone and won't disrupt anyone's life. They think people are better off without them.

I'd be very careful of calling it a cowardly act in those circumstances.

MK Chris wrote:I am very lucky that I have absolutely no direct experience of this, but my impression of people who commit suicide has always been that firstly that they tend to be so good at hiding how they feel, even those closest to them often do not know that anything is wrong, even those closest to them couldn't imagine what they are about to do... and secondly that if they believe themselves to be a hindrance to their families and friends, then they're blinkered - they can't see that their passing will cause grief and suffering to their loved ones because they don't believe they are of any use to anyone. As I said I have no direct experience and could be totally wrong, but that is nearly always my impression.

MK Chris wrote:I've said my thoughts on this before, whilst making it clear I have no direct experience of it - but to call someone who commits suicide selfish is, in my opinion, ignorant beyond belief.
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By dimtimjim
RIP Peaches - as should be the proper sentiment being banded about. Why the attack/defence regarding a speculative point of view (no offence Deadly, you are entitled to your opinion, but its baseless at this stage)...
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By Topher
Indeed - 25 is a ridiculously, tragically young age.
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By The Deadly
Wrestling legend the Ultimate Warrior has died aged 54. It's so bizarre, I'm still in New Orleans and saw him in a wrestling ring last night looking great and performing. Really strange feeling.
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By The Deadly
It's going to end up being years of drug abuse combined with the rush of being on TV again being too much for him I think. He looked great when I saw him over the weekend.
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