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By charla
I think someone sporting will die. The fella in charge of the F1 racing. Bernie is it? It'll be him soon.
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By MK Chris
Bernie Ecclestone.. QPR fans will hope you're wrong.
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By Sunny So Cal
Wow. This thread is hopping now. They're dropping like flies...
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By Bonanzoid
wurzel wrote:
Vivienne wrote:But I've saved you making many other, "who's this, who's that, who's the other" posts.

Not really.

Cheers Tophs. I'm only young and i didnt learn about that sort of thing in history in school. Plus i didnt take History at GCSE level.

How old are you then? And if the answer is anything above 10, you're an idiot for not knowing who Fidel Castro is.
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By Yudster
Chris wrote:Oh no, Paul Scofield has died

That's very sad, he was a fantastic actor and a lovely man - I didn't realise he was that old. I met him about ten years ago when he was in a play with my brother and I never would have thought he was 75 or 76 then, he looked great. A sad loss to the arts.
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By Vivienne
People die. It's just a fact of life. **yawn** Anyhow, I'm off to begin my Easter hols. - 4 days off! yahoo. yipeee.
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By Yudster
Vivienne wrote:People die. It's just a fact of life. **yawn**

True. And some will be missed more than others when they are gone.
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By Andy B
Do you think when he starts to go and the machine he's hooked up to starts to beep wildly all the nurses will run around shouting "Don't panic! Don't panic!"?
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By charla
Oh no I get that joke. They were telling sick jokes in Geography this week. No wonder we all failed in January.
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By SpaceBoy
A man dies and goes to heaven. On his arrival, he is surrounded by millions of clocks. Curious, he calls over an angel. "Angel, what are all these clocks for?" he asks.
"They are for each person left on earth. It's how we keep track of how much time they have left."
Suddenly, the hour hand on one of the clocks spins around very quickly.
"Angel, why did that happen?" the man asks.
"Well, when someone acts ridiculously, we take an hour off their life."
The man thinks awhile and eventually says, "Where's Peter Andre's clock then?"
"Oh that?" says the angel. "We keep that in the office. It doubles as a fan."
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By MK Chris
You could use the same joke on thousands of people though, it's not specific to Peter Andre.
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By ladbroke
We have the death club at work. There's a random list of 30 old famous people, we all put £1 in, and if your old codger dies you're £30 richer!! (strictly £29 richer I suppose....)
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