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By Yudster
Yeah Viv, talk proper like what we do!

Sorry. You're really not enjoying the "public interface" side of your new job, are you?!
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By Vivienne
No, the "public" side isn't so good... I'm only doing it because the other person did a runner... !! I'm not surprised.
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By Andy B
[quote="Viv 113"]what's annoying me = there are people who cannot simply open a DOOR. I mean, how difficult is it to open a DOOR.[quote]
Doors are the bane of my life. I never seem to get it right on the first go and then never seem to remember it. Honestly you've never met anyone with as much bad luck with doors as me. Dorrs are evil and out to get me.

I once stood outside Tesco's automatic door jumping up and down and waving my arms at it cos it wouldn't open automatically for me. Must ahve been there for a minute when some guy came up behind me and just pushed the door open......

Oh and I also correct people's grammar but only to annoy them a lot!
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By MK Chris
Viv 113 wrote:No, the "public" side isn't so good... I'm only doing it because the other person did a runner... !! I'm not surprised.

We rarely keep receptionists very long, though since they turned it into a job share, the staff turnover is better.
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By Sunny So Cal
I hated working w/the public when I was younger. When I worked concessions as a teenager, people would come up and order a "regular" Coke. The sign in front of them said "Small, Medium or Large." At first I would attempt to point out that we had no "Regular" and they should just pick a size but they'd stare vacantly back at me. Soon I started just giving them "Smalls" -- then they'd bitch that the "Regular" was too "Small" so soon I switched to "Mediums" but then they'd balk at the price. I quit because people were stupid. I moved on to retail & worked in a clothing shop. I had to quit because I'd point out to women that they CLEARLY needed the next size (dare I say 3 sizes?) UP from what they were asking for...For some reason the snobby cows didn't like to hear that!
I feel for you Viv lol
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By charla
I'm annoyed today for many reasons. I've thought it was Tuesday so thought I didn't need to be in college til 11 but in fact should have been in at 9 ad this missed an entire double english lesson. As well as that, I got told to wait for my mate an hour while she had her last lesson and so I did, as she wanted me to go to Boots, when she does finish we go to Boots, and they won't give us the medication needed so had to go to the other pharmacy but on the way there she saw her bus was coming in a few minutes and decided she would desert me leaving me to go to the pharmacy alone and then get the train back only to miss my bus so waited for the next one for over an hour as it decided to be late and its really really cold today so I was shivering and then when I get back home I find my Dad has left the gate open ad my dogs have gone out and nearly got run over. After all that my found out my Dad can't text properly and so all the texts about him picking me up weren't sent and he's telling me to lighten up. I have blue fingers, I'm not going to lighten up.
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By Yudster
I'm annoyed because all my mint imperials are stuck together.
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By Vivienne
i'm just plain exhausted... it's been a long week, and thank God it's the weekend where i can take it down a noche or 10, or 20... looking f/ward to R1's Sunday birthday, if i can stay awake, that is.
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By MK Chris
I thought you loved your work?
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By Yudster
Oh s4b you missed the rugby on Saturday?! Poor you! I wouldn't have missed it for the world, James Hook's penalty just before half time was one of the highlights of the tournament!
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By S4B
I watched it later, we played bravely. I love Hook he's amazing! At least we've sacked Gavin Jenkins now. What's annoying me is that England have got through and they honestly didn't deserve to and we didn't and I think we did deserve to.
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By Yudster
I'm not going to defend England, even though I think you're wrong, because its clear the current England team are poor. But I saw all the Wales matches, and honestly, you were a lot, lot worse. Really very bad. But it will turn around, these things always do - and you can cheer yourselves up by creaming us in the Six Nations. As can Ireland and Scotland I expect. Business as usual.
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By Vivienne
annoying me = I've got a dox appointment tomorrow, and I don't want to go. Never mind, I guess it will pass soon enough.
Viv 113 wrote:annoying me = I've got a dox appointment tomorrow, and I don't want to go. Never mind, I guess it will pass soon enough.

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