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By kendra k
i have a headache and my right arm is numb and i'm tired of not being home. i'm also tired of southern california and can't wait to leave this pit of a region after i give my presentation for work later on.
Longview01 wrote:Too much work to do today ......

pjordan2000 wrote:.... too much work! :-(

Walter Sobchak wrote:work is annoying me today

kendra k wrote:..... can't wait to leave this pit of a region after i give my presentation for work later on.

Looks like International pissed off at work day!
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By MK Chris
I'm annoyed that we are still using EDI, that it always seems to go wrong and that when the shit hits the fan, I'm usually right in front of the fan.
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By Longview01
Sunny So Cal wrote:I'm annoyed you're having a great day! lol :D

Im annoyed that your annoyed that balls is having a good day!
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By Sunny So Cal
Walter, LOVE the old man face!!! Is enough to make me no longer annoyed that Balls was having a good day lol
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By Longview01
My dogs back legs went and he could hardly walk.

We had to have him put down and I was holding his head in my hands when he died, it was only time in my entire life I ever saw my dad cry. Was a really horrible day but im glad I went with them and got to be with him when he went.

We buried him in the back garden and planted a little tree over him, that was 8 years ago now and the little tree is * huge now lol. I still think about him sometimes and it makes me sad.

But I know he had a good life with us and we loved and cared for him, thats what having pets is about.
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By Sunny So Cal
Longview, it's nice that you went and held his head when he died. I've done the same with 2 of my pets -- both this year. It's hard to do but I wholeheartedly agree that you feel better afterwards that you were there to say goodbye.

Lottie, hang in there. I'm sure you were a good friend to your dog and that you'll do what's best for him.
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By charla
It reminds me of that time the old lady (I can't remember her name but she wears a hat) had her dog put down in Emmerdale. At the moment the dog is still alive, though he's outside so he'll probably freeze to death.
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By Bruvva
Oh well, I'll join in with this. What's annoying me is the fact that the company I work for has been promising us a "memorable" bonus after we got bought out four months ago. Is there any sign of any cold, hard cash? Is there balls. They keep stalling and saying thing like "ooh, we need to work out the most tax efficient way of giving it to you", JUST STUFF AN ENVELOPE FULL OF TENNERS AND LEAVE IT ON MY DESK YOU INCOMPETENT CHIMP MOLESTERS - I WON'T TELL THE TAX MAN IF YOU DON'T. The missus is off to Zambia next week and I need the money to fund my tour of local lap dancing establishments while she's away.
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By Vivienne
what's annoying me = there are people who cannot simply open a DOOR. I mean, how difficult is it to open a DOOR. If it doesn't open when you pull it, surely you would think to push it. But no, this is way too complex for the simple masses. I am on reception duties, and I have had to run round and open the door several times this morning. Also, some random member of the dreaded public felt some bizarre need to correct my grammar when I spoke.
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By MK Chris
Well you should talk proper, Viv.
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