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By dimtimjim
Topher wrote:I'm a huge F1 fan and Schumacher is possibly my least favourite driver but clearly it's an awful thing to have happened and I imagine everyone is hoping for him to pull through.

Exactly my thoughts Toph. Stable now, fingers crossed.

EDIT: Annoying me; being back at ruddy work today. Me want bed.
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By chrysostom
Oh God. Work. Why.

Having worked 3 day weeks for all of December and had the last 12 days off it's going to take quite a bit of effort to get through a full week of working next week!
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By dimtimjim
Just got my car insurance renewal through via email, and it does annoy the feck out of me, I'm amazed the practice is legal...

"if we hear nothing from you, we will automatically charge your card on 7th Feb 2014."

If you hear nothing from me?!!!! Grrrr.

if only they weren't the cheapest option for next (this?) year, I'd sack 'em off in an instant!!
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By Bruvva
Oh great, they're making a TV show based on the Hellblazercomic (or Constantine if you insist on reading the new "rebooted" version).

So, a chain smoking, hard drinking, cynical scouser in his 50s will become an early 20s US clean cut actor. It will be SHIT. The film starring Keanu Reeves was bad enough.

Also, the new batman series sounds like it's going to be appalling as well.
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By Topher
Building is destroyed. It's the part of the business that imports and sells Liebherr fridges, which are not * cheap.
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By The Deadly
Topher wrote:Building is destroyed. It's the part of the business that imports and sells Liebherr fridges, which are not * cheap.

Shit. You could say insurance will take care of everything but that doesn't make up for the inconvenience to staff and the long and annoying rebuilding process.
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By Yudster
Topher wrote:My old (and my sister's new) place of work. Everyone out okay thankfully, but it's bound to have a huge effect on business and I have a lot of friends there. :(

Wow, I saw the pictures and thought of you because I knew you used to live and work around there but it didn't occur to me that it was Waterline. Yikes.
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By Topher
(Sort of) thankfully it was Coolectric, which is the company that Waterline own in the building next door; the majority (other than 20 or so) staff are in the other building and all the servers are in the main building. However, Liebherr fridges contain poisonous gases.
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By Nicola_Red
I'm in extreme pain due to my vitamin D deficiency acting up and causing my gums to swell. Had maybe a total of 4hrs sleep last night, broken by hours of taking painkillers, crying and basically praying for the sweet release of death. I'm now off my face on my dad's super strong painkillers and yet still the pain won't stop. Sat at my desk wincing. I've taken a double dose of my vitamin D today but it won't kick in for a day or two, so I may be stuck with this in the meantime.
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By Bruvva
A job interview that went on for over two hours.

FFS, it was only a noddy little support role for a company in Paddington, whose central heating wasn't working so I was freezing my behind off.

No, I didn't get it. No, I wouldn't have taken it if it was offered, not enough money on offer for what they wanted.
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By Topher
Oh dear... isn't that supposed to be a good sign if you're in there for a long time?
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By dimtimjim
I always see a long interview as a good sign; if they weren't interested they wouldn't keep you talking... No?
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By Bruvva
Well it seems the person who did get it got it by virtue of giving a presentation on the company who were hiring.

A presentation for a job working in IT support. The world has gone mad.
By Misfit
had a wisdom tooth out yesterday and cant smoke for 48 hours (stressful) and I also cant drink, eat the normal food I eat, or generally be me.
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By Topher
Well at least you will stink less.
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By Bonanzoid
Misfit wrote:had a wisdom tooth out yesterday and cant smoke for 48 hours (stressful) and I also cant drink, eat the normal food I eat, or generally be me.

At least there's an upside.

By Misfit

Didnt smoke for a couple of days and did the whole saltwater mouthwash bollocks, pain went fairly quickly but still get occasional aches which are suppose to last a week... brilliant!
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By Nicola_Red
After my gum incident the other week I drank coffee with a straw out of one side of my mouth for almost a week. People look at you kind of weird but meh.
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