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By dimtimjim
Mr leaky-brain-juice has stopped leaking brain juice, but has permanent heading damage and tinnitus. On the plus side, he'll be due approx. £15-25,000 in compensation, but meh...

On that subject, we've gotta go court in a few weeks for the little pricks trial. I'm chief witness. Really looking forward to that :( At least he's being tried on 3 violent crimes simultaneously (police arranged this to try to give jury more of a 'character profile' that this isn't just a one off) which should help the cause.
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By charla
Good luck with it all Tim. Hopefully it won't be too drawn out and you can all move on from it and the twat gets what he deserves.
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By dimtimjim
My girls last day in year 7 today... makes me feel old! :D
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By dimtimjim
Making me laugh n smile a lot this weekend was Gino D'Acampo; can't go into too much detail, but I have a lot to thank this guy for..! :D
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By Topher
Yes PM.

(Edit - Googled him).
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By Topher
Yep, I remembered that when I looked him up - I do know lots of chefs now anyway, as Cat has introduced me to them, but I didn't remember him, certainly at first.

Edit: meta-hipster? I'm so far away from 'hipster' and 'trendy' that you wouldn't believe.
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By dimtimjim
Ha ha! :lol: Well, I note you've made a certain assumption. Not saying its wrong, but...

A gentleman does not kiss n tell! 8)
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By chrysostom
Finally got holiday dates confirmed from work - just need to find places to go! Any ideas guys?

We're looking for something around 3-4 days in Europe between 25th-31st August and then something for 7-12 nights further afield between 20th September - 4th October.

Budget is what I'd consider medium...
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By Topher
Europe: go to Barcelona - we stopped their on our cruise for a day and we are both desperate to get back - it was my favourite overall stop, despite also going to Monaco (with all its Grand Prix history), you have the beach and the city and the Gaudi stuff is amazing. Otherwise, I had a stag do in Prague last year and although we didn't do much sight seeing, the city looked nice and I'd like to go back not on a stag do.

Further afield is really how far - long haul?
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By Topher
Hmm, you're making me wish we'd taken the train or one of the excursions to Seville when we stopped in Cadiz - but it was a bit far / pricey anyway and Cadiz was nice.
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By The Deadly
Seville isn't a thrill a minute kind of place if that's what you're after but it would make for a great relaxing long weekend away. Lovely buildings and scenery. Food is terrific too.
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By Topher
Speak to Bonanzoid about Seville, he lived there for a while didn't he?
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