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By Blue-Ninja
Anyone hear the Blue Jam parody of Moyles on Radio 1 at midnight months ago (now on the Blue Jam CD)??<P>Here it is roughly:<P>On the rooftop a naked Dj stands, smearing himself with JAM. His abject horror in the realisation of self-knowledge. He's distressed, we hear that now. his sobs threaten to spoil the moment for a moment. But now.. he's back on track putting the nylon rope over his head. He checks the knot.. and then steps off the edge... And before the noose tightens he cries out: 'I'M CHRIS MOYLES! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!'<P>and a thousand voices cry out from open windows: 'No ****ing way!'<P>And as his spine is snapped in half I think.... God I hope he heard them...<P>How cool is that? And it was broadcast on radio 1!
By Lara
while ppl without e4 will just think "what?"...i.e. me.<br>And yes this is complete drivel...sorry.
By the_esoteric_mynciboy
damn E4 for undermining me and not showing brass eye. dont know when its going to be on, but last night it was replaced with "hip hop night" which was basically the hip hop years and a very amusing documentary on eminem (featuring contributions from such hip hop luminaries as steps, craig david, bille, and westlife, who called him "a bit of a nob")
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