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By Kate
Ok, so Chris and the gang are trying to lose it (hmm, see how long that lasts), but has anyone noticed how thin Ana has gone??!  She's gonna disappear soon!  In fact, Chris might suffocate her (unintentionally! :)<P>xx
is moyles still going out with<br>ana, he has not mentioned her 4 a while
By Lazy_Gimp
I dont think he is, I remember him saying something and thinking, ooh he mustn't be going out with her any more but I cant remember what it was...!<br>
By Guest
I'm sure he is 'cos he was plugging her panto on saterday ("I've never seen anybody play Dick so well before" made me laugh!!!)<P>I noticed that Ana lost weight as soon as she split up with Chris.  I hope she doesn't lose anymore 'cos she's alright at the moment but any slimmer and your right, she will dissapear!
By Kate
<br>Yeah they are back together.  Total confirmation was when he was talking about 'our lass' panto (as Hells Angel said).  He never mentions her by name anymore - I think that must be part of the 'back together' rules(!).<br>Yep Hells Angel, she does look good (I wish I could lose enough to look like that!!!)..let's hope she stays just as she is, but the loss thing rubs off on Chris.....<P>xx
By Guest
It's not fair.  I want to look like Ana!!!<br> <IMG SRC="">  If she manages to convince Chris to lose weight, I'll be well impressed!
By Guest
Which means? <IMG SRC="">
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By Stickyspanner
You said yourself "I noticed that Ana lost weight as soon as she split up with Chris", so could this be a case of "we will get back together if u lose some weight"?
By Guest
Nah.  That's horrible!!!  Why would she do a thing like that?  If she's put up with his weight for this long I'm sure it doesn't bother her.  Besides, they've been back together for a couple of months now and he's only just decided to lose weight so.....<P>I do reckon Ana has told him to stop talking about her on air though, since he's hardly mentioned her for a couple of weeks.  She never liked that, did she?  
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By Gordon_the_Cromag
ok chris has never called her by name since they got back together.And why would ana only get back with him if he lost wieght<br>being fat makes him chris moyles.
By Lara
i agree...erm, that's all.
By Kate
The reason for weight loss (or gain) after a break up is generally stress related, it's not bloody conscious!  Honestly, what do you men think???!<br>And I do think Ana has told him not to mention her by name at least (or talk about their realtionship that much - you'll notice how before everything was 'Ana...' now he hardly says anything - and when he does it's just 'Our lass') - she didn't like that, but since when has the point of her telling him to lose weight been made??  I think *he* wants to do it, so he feels (and looks - to him) better.  Not cos Ana said 'you better'.  She dated him when he was heavier than he is now, I really doubt she cares, other than from a health and concern standpoint (I am in a 'give everyone a chance' mood today!! :)<P>that's all!<br>xx
By Kate
oh sorry - now I understand.  The weight loss thing and her saying she'll...nah.  Don't think she did.  Their break up was  very personal, it wasn't to do with his size!!!<P>But as a sideline maybe 'you better look after yourself', who knows!<br>xx
By Guest
Your last message has completly conufused mw Kate.  What the hell are you on about?
By Guest
Oh sorry, I get it.<P>It would take a shallow person to break up with their live-in partner for over a year just because of their weight, and I don't think Ana's like that.  I don't beleive any of this crap about her only going out with him because of his money and fame.  Lets face it, she's gorgeous, if thats what she wanted she could have an alot better looking bloke with alot more money, couldn't she?<P>Oh, by the way, does anybody know what they REALLY broke up over?  It was a long time for a 'temparary split until we can get back on track'.
By Kate
I definitely think she didn't get with Chris for fame and money, cos when you think about it, they didn't go in for all that celeb' couple and Chris isn't really a 'celeb' in the 'everyone knows him' sense of the word, and neither is Ana.  They don’t seem the fame-hungary types.  If they were, they’d be at every celeb party going etc etc.<br>And yep – I think Ana could have chosen a number of guys – she is attractive and in her line of work I am sure she meets enough rich and famous types.  She went out with Chris, it got serious and that’s it.  I don’t think she had a hidden agenda!<br>And him losing weight isn't exactly something huuge (pardon the pun!) - even iof she said 'lose some weight' I don't think that is the basis of their relationship!!!!  They obviously have a lot of feelings for each other and the fact she lasted with him so long as he is, I don't think she really cares - aside from the health and looking good thing of course - but what couple doesn't go through that - 'look after yourself' etc!<br>The split was apparently to do with moving in too quickly, her not liking him talking about her all the time (ie. broadcasting their personal life), and I am sure other personal stuff.  The above is just bits I have managed to gather!!!<P>Apologies for my above post – I thought the remark about weight loss was aimed at Ana losing weight to get Chris back!!!!!  Hence my 'No!' thing!<P>Ok I will shut it now!!<br>xx<br>
By Kate
I know.  I really need a life, in the worst way!<P>xx
By Kate
and look - I'm official now!!!<P>A bit annoyed cos my postings should be higher(counting unofficial), but I guess that isn't anything to 'brag' (great word! :)) about!<P>xx
By Guest
Summary:<P>Ana lost a load of weight when she split up with Chris through stress<P>Ana DID NOT tell Chris to lose weight<P>Chris and Ana are in love, it's got nothing to do with fame or money<P>We all need a life<P>All agreed?
By Kate
You see, that's how to explain - clear and concise!  I have a verbose problem going on!<P>life, yes<P>xx<p>[This message has been edited by Kate (edited 18 January 2001).]
By Mike
So where can I find a pic of Anna?<P>Mike
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By Stickyspanner
One of the other threads carried links with pics of Ana<P>Its called "Who`s Chris` Girlfriend" and it was started by Monkey.<P>Its at the bottom of page 1 at the mo, but falling quickly so grab it while ya can
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