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By Lazy_Gimp
Y'know a couple of days ago chris was talking about a woman who wanted to be famous and put her c.v on the internet wiv a load of dodgy pics? I didn't think he read out her address but apparently he did, so did anyone hear it or know what it is?<br>I would be v. interested in knowing what it is please love you!!<br>oh and I see u boring lot have given up on the story.....!
By Lazy_Gimp
LOL! well they're very professional aren't they?!! Ahh! It's sad in a sweet- bless her kind of way isn't it? my favourite one is the blue and white one which shows off the cellulite in her upper arm off to a treat!!<br>God who wouldnt want to hire her?!!
By Lazy_Gimp
Oh yeah and Hells Angel all you need to know about the story is that, Kelly Jones is god. Chris has just caught up wiv him as has Rhys, mel and Dave. Dave is very weak wiv the lack of substance in his stomach and he is also only wearing tiger pants and a vest.<br>Kelly had the last remaining pie, and it is a case who shall get it? Chris just coz he's a pie lover or Dave coz he'll die wiv out it? or has Kelly Jones eaten it already?? It's for you to decide....
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