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By Kate
Hi!<br>Chris (webmaster) - fantastic site etc.<br>This is my first time posting (been a 'reader' for a while), just wanted to ask, what was today's (Tuesday) show like?  I missed it <IMG SRC="">.  What did Chris and Dave do for Christmas and New Year?<br>Hope you all had a fantastic one, and why do I feel 'sad' or 'pathetic' rather, for asking the above question??!<br>thanks in advance!! :)<br>xx<br>ps 'our lass' is definitely Ana isn't it? (I haven't heard him name her since the break up, and now he talks about 'our lass' (again) and I have just assumed it's Ana.)
By Steph
Hi!!<P>Yes our lass is Ana.  I dont know what Dave did but Chris went to Dublin for New Year to his aunts wedding and only came back today.
By Lara
the show was v. funny...they had patrick moore on the phone (i know that doesn't sound particularly funny but i thought it was)...anyone else agree?
By Guest
Lara it was Jon Culshaw.  <P>My god.<P>The show - oh well, maybe an end of an era for me because he's not been up to scratch for a while.  What he needs is rid of Dave, the little sycophant is just not funny.  
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
i think the problem is that there all waiting till the show times change before they do anything new.  Even Mark an Lard werent that funny today.
By Kate
Thanks!! :)<P>I don't think Dave's too sycophantic, he's just over-enthusiastic at times - if that's poss for him....erm..what I mean is (I will get there!) he can be 'the sidekick', but that is what he's paid for after all, though I do think that he manages to not salivate too much over Chris' remarks, in fact I think his strops which are so obviously genuine demonstrate Dave's dislike at being Chris' 'bitch'.<br>Ok that probably sounded like crap, but I'm tired, ok!<br>Dave can be annoyingly 'yes Chris' but I think when he's like that it's down to sheer laziness!<br>Have a great night all!  <br>xx
By Guest
Ha ha ha - the fights are scripted - cant you tell?  Like most of the show is.  <P>Maybe I'm getting too cynical
By Kate
Oh i'm sure some of them are scripted, but there are times when I sense Dave genuinely feels pissed off!
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