The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By sigi
so is producer Wil going to stay or is he <br>just temporay?
By Steph
What does everyone think Wills nickname should be?  I think he should be Wicked Will.
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By Uglybob
it was wicked will on mayos show
By Tom_[MW]
It's a different Will of course, Will Kinder and Will Saunders.<br>Will Saunders being a very funny bloke who I like the work of, Will Kinder being responsible for the Zoe Ball Breakfast Travesty that annoyed me for so long...
By sigimck
it should be wanker will
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By Roddy
i have his mobile number, has anyone else got it?<br>i wanna see how many ppl have got it, to see how rare it is
By Lara
i haven't. how did u get it?
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By Roddy
aha!! that's for me to know....
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By Roddy
yeh, that's what i thought, but i could ask will for chris's number  <IMG SRC="">
By Guest
I just would leave him alone Roddy...and Chris.  I know sum1 who had Chris' mobile number and kept one belling him on air. He was a dickhead (GaRRy).  
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By Stickyspanner
And of course, he will just hand it out.  He`s gonna hand the mobile phone number of probably (well in my mind definitely), the most popular Radio One DJ, and give it to a man who posts the lyrics to Scatman!  Hmmm I think not  :)
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By Roddy
hoho(!)<br>and by the way it was lyrics to "Scatman's World"
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By Roddy
i wouldn't bell him on air, i'd just ask him to plug my site<p>[This message has been edited by Roddy (edited 31 December 2000).]
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By Roddy
...and another thing, i've got 2 replies from Will  <IMG SRC=""> <br>heh heh
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By Roddy
yeh sure, it's called "Roddy's Club"
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By Roddy
ok, i don't want to milk this any more than it already is, so i won't reply
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