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By yummytummy
Has Dominic left the show?

As it is strange that they didn’t mention him today and he has been gone for 2 weeks. He is not even tweeeting.
By hdsport82
I didn't hear the whole show but it is a bit weird to not mention him if he's just on holiday (it is still school Easter holidays) and there are quite a few people tweeting asking. Of course there could be personal reasons (i.e. none of our business) which is why they aren't saying anything yet.
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By fish heads
Just a quick timeline – he was off last week and that seemed to be planned (although I don’t recall it being mentioned prior to the first show of last week). Yesterday it was mentioned Dom was still off, but it’s clear that was a last minute change as Chris mentioned that the newsreader covering walked past the studio just after half 6 to see if Dom was in or not so she’d know if she was reading the news at 7. That and Chris not really mentioning it further indicates to me it’s something personal and doesn’t fit the tone of the show rather than Dom being fired or leaving. In the latter two scenarios you know Chris would say something, even if it was a subtle comment or dig.
By Just Ben
I have a feeling last weeks absence wasn't planned either only because on Radio X's Best of British countdown, they played a trailer for the Trolley Dash which I'm sure promoted it as Chris and Dom taking part. They never seemed to air it again, so I reckon personal reasons are most likely also.
By jthw5
I have a feeling one of Dom’s parents may have died. The initial absence seemed unplanned, and the extra time off today and tomorrow could be for the funeral.

Hope he’s ok.
By Harry Briggs
He’s off again tomorrow, quote Moyles this morning ‘he’s defiantly back on Monday’

I hope him and his family are okay. This has got to be the longest a single persons been off, other than planned holidays, in the history of TCMS.
By Harry Briggs
I can assure you last Thursday on the show just after the 7am news Chris said that Dom would indeed be ‘definitely’ back today. He wasn’t. I really do hope the fellas okay. He hasn’t tweeted in about a month also. Baring in mind that’s his go to social media.
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By Nicola_Red
Harry Briggs wrote:I can assure you last Thursday on the show just after the 7am news Chris said that Dom would indeed be ‘definitely’ back today.

Imma help you out here, Neil wasn't questioning your recollection of what Chris said, he was pointing out that in your initial post you didn't write 'definitely', you wrote 'defiantly' - and that's a whole different word. I imagine you were a victim of a wayward spellcheck or autocorrect, but there it is.

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