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By ritchie
I was on a stag do last weekend, people started talking about what station they listen to. Out of 20+ 'blokes' in there 30s, none had heard of radio x...

Says a lot when absolute is a bigger pull than Moyles...
By Callum91
Shame really as it's a decent station and Moyles seems to be enjoying it! Neil Fearn has been congratulated by Mike Walsh on his promotion (Vernon's Producer) Looks like he may take Dave's place!?
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By G-Sizzle
Dave has actually become a great part of the team. I do think the show will be worse without him.

And I hated him at first, but I've really warmed to him.
Genuinely disappointed!

He's been there years too, I wonder why he's leaving now?

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By lukewizzy
G-Sizzle wrote:He's been there years too, I wonder why he's leaving now?

Just basic career progression, because he's actually gone backwards since the launch of Radio X - before Moyles he was in charge of the breakfast shows on XFM, now he's the deputy to Pippa. He seems fairly pally with Dave Berry as well and Matt Dyson is over there so he's probably looking forward to working with those 2 again, as well as the promotion.

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