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I know this is a pretty pointless post but having listened to a few old shows today I’ve been thinking this while Chris ‘s voice in the old shows the old breakfast shows is definitely slower and deeper And occasionally fasterthan He is on the radio X shows
It looks like there is a national radio breakfast vacancy over at Absolute, a few months before Chris's contract is due end at Radio X. Do people think a move is possible? It's been speculated, by a couple of people online. Personally I think he might just use this to get the much negotiated contract over the line at Radio X.
4 minutes into a link that started off with fart noises and now we’re onto pretending to be other radio stations. Again. The show is bizarre in that one link I’m crying with laughter and the next I’m despairing at what they’re doing!
Yep I agree and often find listening to the old show when I do listen to the old show I wanna constantly go back to it such a shame because the radio x show n many respects is extremely good but the pacing just isn’t there

I do think it’s budget and I do think sadly it’s production where I think the problem is
They’re onto Doms disco. I’ve switched off. Did they use all the ideas in the first 3 months and then decide just to re hash? Eurgh

To clarify in 25 minutes I heard 1 song (muse), fart noises, pretending to be other global stations and the news which Chris interrupted.

Dom's Disco really is awful isn't it. I drove my wife to work, and had the CMS show on...eventually I just had to turn it off, to which said "thank goodness for that, can't believe you enjoy listening to that"...had to explain I don't, really so much :(
You could even here the frustration at one point in Moyles “is it only 8 o clock”. If he thinks the show is dragging..what hope do we have?

I’ve said this before but when he was on Radio 1 it was “the best show on the network” and he was proud of that and anything substandard was ridiculed and shouted about. Now they’re more “we’re a bit rubbish, and we like it”. It shows how much of an impact Dave and Aled had iin generating content if this morning is the best they can do!
I doubt anyone will know or remember.

A few months ago Chris mentioned a artist who does background music and beds. They have several albums out. But I can not remember the name of either the group or album.

Full respect if you know what I'm actually talking about
I haven't posted in here for a very long time. So how is the show actually nowadays since the last one I listened to was around a year and a half ago (July 2016 I believe) since I couldn't listen to the shows live or archive anymore since I was on the twilight shift but now I am back on nights, is it worth listening to still or not? I know some changes have been made like Dave Masterman is gone and the like.

I am thinking of listening to the old shows again from where I left off, which was somewhere around September 2009 since I remember I started listening to the breakfast show from the beginning in the archives in November 2011 and I got to September 2009 and stopped because I think that might have been the time I switched over to twilight or that Chris was coming back on the radio or could have been something else.

Anyway, hope everyone who still visits here is well and see you around.
There's good and bad points to the show. I stopped listening around September 2016 for a while. I watched the videos still for a lot of last year. There's still funny moments but not enough IMO to listen to the whole show like I used to.

Since I started listening live again since about November last year I could tell straight away it was very different. That new guy James literally hardly contributes anything. I forget he's even there sometimes. Dave Masterman was great, actually a very funny guy and quite a big loss to the show I think.

Basically, it's good but I only really listen live and watch the videos that get posted. I am entertained most days.
Chris Moyles has posted a record audience for his Radio X breakfast show as the station also hits its biggest reach ever.

Moyles’ audience grew by nearly a third in 2017 to 910,000 listeners a week, and the station overall has hit 1.6m for the first time. Chris has grown his audience for the last seven quarters.

Radio X now has a record 1.6m listeners, up 326,000 in the last year. Chris Moyles’ reach is up 27% in 2017 to 910k, while Johnny Vaughan’s drive show is up 38% year on year to 714k.
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