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chrysostom wrote:Who knows - maybe he'll be back when he's found something that works for him, like Chris Evans.

I'm not sure why the podcast route isn't something he has at least tried. If he did a weekly two hour show his download figures would be huge. Chris was someone who gave his opinions on news and current events every day to 7 million people for 8 years. I don't know how he can just cut himself off seemingly so easily from communicating with the general public. Even on Twitter he is normally very quiet and if anything extremely dull when he does tweet. It leads me to believe he is still deeply hurt about how it all ended for him at Radio 1 and he just can't bring himself to get back in entertainer mode. Like you referenced Chris Evans was off the radar for a few years too but things worked out well for him so not all hope is lost.
bmstinton93 wrote:Obviously I know nothing about his finances but I still struggle to see how he has enough to retire on at 40, especially with the tax he has to pay back.

Well over the last 10 years of his career he's no doubt made around £5m from his BBC salary alone, given that he picked up around £10 from PRS every time he played a jingle which he wrote he's likely made £500k from that alone. Not to mention the 2 books and 2 albums which would have brought in around £2m (at least) in total - then there's his tour which would have raked the monies in (remember he played a LOT of shows to quite a few people each paying £20) and then all his TV work. I'd be surprised if his earnings after tax (lol) over his last 10 years weren't upwards of £6,000,000.

If we suppose that he has been careful with his money & lots of it is making a profit in the form of investment then he's got a lot more than this. Given that Chris has clearly been involved in lots of types of investments/creative accounting, I'd guess that he's likely made around 60% on that, taking it to around £10,000,000. I don't think his lifestyle would warrant a huge portion of that per year (around £150k?) - so I reckon he's got at least £7,000,000 in collateral.

The £400k he'll pay back in taxes will be a dent, but I'm guessing he's covered. If he continues to live a moderately luxury lifestyle (and presuming he owns his house outright - his massive house worth £2m in 2012, probably double now) I'm guessing he'll be covered for 30 years.

HOWEVER - if he ever settles down & has a family, this may change. In fact, I could definitely see that being something which would kick him back in to work.
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Some people live on £40 per week; I'm sure Chris is nicely sorted for a good few years.

As above though, I do really miss his daily thoughts on current affairs etc.
dimtimjim wrote:Some people live on £40 per week; I'm sure Chris is nicely sorted for a good few years.

But remember it's not so long ago he stated that he literally didn't believe it was possible to live on 10 grand a year.
Given that at the time the living wage in London was £18,300 (and £15,900 for the rest of the country) - the comments weren't particularly nonsensical, just evoked a more emotional response.

That's right, we're now talking about issues from 4 years ago :P
Was watching an old episode of The Office (2002) where Brent mentioned that Noel Edmonds "hasn't been on tv for a decade, can't at a job for love nor money"

Then in 2007 or whenever it was, deal or no deal happened and put Edmonds back on the map.

So my point is, give it 15 years and Moyles night get a crappy mid afternoon gameshow to host!!
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