The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By Guest
last time i checked there was 145 on the member count thing. that must have been less than a week ago!<P>- i'm using exclamation marks far too frequently of recent.
By Guest
i'll add that there's now 165 members. just so you don't have to bother to go check.
By Friz
Hello, I'm Friz, and I'm new (as you may have guessed). I was wondering if there is any chance that we could have more forums in this messageboard (one dedicated to Jon's imitations, one to the parodies, etc). Just a thought.
By the_dr
Baza was banned from going on the internet for 1 week, he is now free.<P>the_dr
By Baza
That is true, I was banned because of the LARGE phone bill but now I am allowed back on. I am very happy  <IMG SRC="">
By Baza
Lets just say, too big for my parents liking.<br> <IMG SRC=""><br>
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By wannabe_mrs_moyles
i'm banned from going onto the internet before 6pm on weekdays because it's too expensive as my parents found out because i used to go on straight after school about a year ago and the phone bill was rather larger than they had anticipated. but now i can go on after 6pm and at weekends as much as i want, ahhhh's crap actually
By ????!!!!
I'm new!!<br>I registered under a name i didn't like so i registered under a new name but sent my password to a hotmail address which had been deactivated. Therefore i don't know my password and have to post as unregistered because i dont have any more e-mail addresses under which to register.So basically i am member!
By Friz
did any of you read my post?
By Guest
ok. it's probably not worth it. there's too many regulars who can't be bothered to flick between the various sections. also we're not disciplined enough to keep to the set topics.
By Guest
i forgot to say yo  :)
By ????!!!!
I'm finally registered everyone after posting under two different names and as unregistered!!<br>Am i fianlly part of the Moylesworld family?
By stevotrash
welcome to the organisation, you will be required to pay a £3 joining fee and respond to the Ratster thread.
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
As a member of moylesworld you are free to join our 'spiders web' scheme.  It works similar to a pyramid scheme except i get all the money an then choose where to spend it.  Send £1 million now.
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