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Important Notes

BouncEdit requires the Visual Basic 6 runtime files (you may already have these on your system, the simple way to find out is to try the application and see if it works).

If required, you can get the files from here, here or by searching here.

The application has been checked for viruses using the latest Norton definitions.


Version History

  • 1.0.01: Fixed bug related to scrollbar misplacement when using large monitors
  • 1.0.00: Stable release, all known bugs fixed, all possible suggested features added.
  • 1.0.00: Fixed crash when editing window was resized to very small sizes
  • 0.1.45: Corrected the 'template' and 'frame' buttons to maintain the unusable map areas
  • 0.1.45: You can now create levels that are not only multiples of eight
  • 0.1.45: Areas that cannot be displayed on the phone are now marked and cannot be edited
  • 0.1.45: The map editor now shows up in the taskbar
  • 0.1.45: It is now not possible to start multiple versions of BouncEdit
  • 0.1.45: Changed resize screen to operate the same as the new create level screen
  • 0.1.45: Changed 'about' screen to remove graphic that was no longer required
  • 0.1.41: Added the ability to resize your levels
  • 0.1.41: Updated Bounce to version 1.13
  • 0.1.41: Fixed bug where you could load empty levels by leaving the 'Custom Level' option checked
  • 0.1.38: Map editor now displays map height as well as width
  • 0.1.38: Added missing tile types 98, 99, 103, 104, 108, 109, 110
  • 0.1.38: Prevented levels of 224 x 64 being created (Bounce engine can't handle the size)
  • 0.1.38: Fixed bug with creating levels that were 56 tiles wide
  • 0.1.38: Added ability to swap air/water tiles. Very memory intensive, may fail on large maps
  • 0.1.38: Added a button to frame your level with brick tiles to save manual effort
  • 0.1.38: Added a button to create a brick template with each level exactly once screen high
  • 0.1.38: Fixed bug where moving objects were incorrectly set by one tile when using the 'set' buttons
  • 0.1.33: Thanks to 'Snuuba' for pointing out many bugs, and making many suggestions
  • 0.1.33: Added missing tile type 95 (diagonal wall in water)
  • 0.1.33: Added missing tile type 48 (gravity left wall)
  • 0.1.33: Added missing tile type 49 (gravity ceiling)
  • 0.1.33: Added missing tile type 52 (jump left wall)
  • 0.1.33: Fixed bug when 'Set Moving Objects' button remain disabled
  • 0.1.33: The editor no longer saves all levels as level 1 (stupid bug, sorry!)
  • 0.1.33: Now reminds you to submit levels to the site when you do a build
  • 0.1.33: Redesigned the clear level screen to restrict you to level sizes that are multiples of 8
  • 0.1.33: The big and small vertical wet rings were mistakenly swapped in the editor
  • 0.1.29: Upgraded Bounce to version 1.12 (from version 1.9)
  • 0.1.28: Enhanced moving object creation, you can now quick pick your coordinates with the new 'Set' button
  • 0.1.28: Moved the 'Clear Level' button to the main application screen where it made more sense. Also fixes the bug where new levels were sometimes not created empty
  • 0.1.26: Changed the editor title bar to reflect the level you are editing
  • 0.1.26: Now deletes the update file used for checking for new versions
  • 0.1.26: Redesigned part of the editor core so Level 11 will now load
  • 0.1.26: Speeded up level loading
  • 0.1.26: Reduced memory overhead for level editing
  • 0.1.21: Enhanced the moving object creation window to make things easier to edit
  • 0.1.21: The offset limits for moving objects are now displayed in the editing window
  • 0.1.21: If the application detects an internet connection at start-up, it will check for a newer version of BouncEdit (this is done without sending any information to the server)
  • 0.1.21: Changed 'About' screen - much of the information about moving object creation was now not required
  • 0.1.21: Removed an extra line that wasn't required in the .jad file
  • 0.1.21: Renamed the original level 11 to OriginalLevels/J2MElvl.011.original - this will stop people getting the out of memory errors. Level 11 is now a duplicate of Level 10
  • 0.1.19: Now calculates the possible offset values when editing moving objects
  • 0.1.17: Following a build, the full path and filename of the Bounce.jar file are added to the clipboard (handy for pasting into the emulator if you want to test your levels)
  • 0.1.17: Changed all application name references to BouncEdit
  • 0.1.17: Fixed bug where the main screen didn't properly reflect any custom levels after just creating one
  • 0.1.14: First public release
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